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AIDS Walk speaks to Oprah – Interview #4

The following interviews are the opinions of individuals in the San Francisco AIDS Walk Community. No harm of any kind is intended. . . . And each individual’s statements are truly their own ….

Sister Flora Goodthyme (left)

Nane: Sister Flora Goodthyme
Education: Some College
Height: Depends on the heels
Weight: N/A
Age: 25
Birth Place/Origin: Walnut Creek, CA.
Occupation: Make-up Artist
Present Location/Where do you live? San Francisco, CA. 94114

Sister Flora Goodthyme (center)

Q. What do you think is the world’s greatest asset?
A. Conceler

Q. If you could make one wish for humanity what would it be?
A. World Peace

Q. How has the AIDS/HIV Panademic affected you?
Hasn’t made my work easy …..

Q. How many years have you participated in the San Francisco AIDS Walk?
A. 3 years. I love everyone. Because so many people are suffering, I walk for all of them who can not.

Q. Have you participated in any other AIDS related charity events? (If so, what? And, how many?)
A. Yes .. .countless …it’s part of my job.

Q. If you had one thing to say to the world, what would it be?
A. You better work!

Q. If you had one thing to say to Oprah Winfrey, what would it be?
A. Do more for those who are not in your studio audience. . . ..

Q. If you had one thing to say to Lance Armstrong, what would it be?
Keep up the good work and thanks for being such a strong inspiration for so many people. .. .

Thank you Sister Flora Goodthyme,