What are the Best Yoga Studios in San Francisco?

The San Francisco Bay Area is packed with some of the best yoga studios.  Whether you are searching for a Sivananda, Iyengar, Bikram, Asthanga or a Vinyasa yoga class , it can be found in “The City by the Bay.”

Yoga teacher, Tony Eason encourages yoga students to  take advantage of the variety of yoga styles & yoga instruction made  available by San Francisco’s  Top Yoga Centers, Ashrams, and Retreat centers.

Picking the Best Yoga Center, Ashram or Retreat Center for you.

  • Consider what you want to get out of the yoga class and your present physical needs and limitations.
  • Take free classes in various styles and from different yoga centers until you find one that is right for you.
  • Ask the instructor about their training, accreditation and credentials.
  • Ask the yoga teacher’s advice about which classes you should attend & what yoga studios, ashrams, or retreat centers you should visit.
  • After taking a class, review how you felt before & after the class. Did you have a rapport with the instructor?
  • Do you like the yoga studio?
  • Was the intensity level of the class about right for you?
  • Did you feel calm in the yoga center?



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