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Yoga Teacher

My Life

As the holiday season ends and the new year begins, we begin to contemplate our New Year’s Resolutions. We reflect on Xmas Past, Xmas Present, and Xmas Future. We may even contemplate our purpose in life. And, if we’re really lucky, we’ll begin to think of others (a practice of Karma Yoga.) or possibly start walking down a brighter and more fulfilling path.

Over the past 12 months, several things have occurred within my life.

In July there was the Fat Tire Beer – Tour De Fat.
In August, there was the Three Week Yoga Studio – Yoga Classes Tour
In September, there was Donation Yoga Classes on Ocean Beach.
In October, there was Free Yoga Classes at City Hall, San Francisco.
In December, there was Free Yoga Classes at Dolores Park – San Francisco

And so far in January,there has been the AIDSLifeCycle Kickoff – Breakfast & Ride, a Cycling & Yoga Seminar and the addition of a Saturday Morning Yoga Class.

In the world of Oprah Winfrey

I have continued with my desires and dreams to have Oprah Winfrey & Harpo Productions become an addition to the AIDSLifeCycle Community –providing AIDS Awareness, AIDS Services, AIDS Education, and AIDS Treatments to those who need them . And I encourage you to view, send, and/or resend my Invitation to Oprah Winfrey.

And more recently, Oprah Winfrey has again touched my heart and reconfirmed that I’m walking the right path by educating her viewers about the HIV – AIDS Pandemic. Check out her latest: Magic Johnson and The New Faces of AIDS In American and Oprah Winfrey takes a AIDS Test in South Africa.


On Sunday, I attended the San Francisco AIDSLifeCycle Kickoff Party.

There was Shiv, Ben Armstrong, Mr. Rio, American Cyclery – Tyson, Susan Parish and many fellow veteran cyclist, support crew, volunteers, and friends (Oprah Winfrey’s presence was missed).

It’s such a wonderful thing to see the returning cyclist – It gives me strength – It reconfirms that I’m not alone in my endeavor – And, it signifies “community.”

Since 1994, I have experienced life long changes within: my way of thought, my desires, and my circle of friends and family. I have broken the metatarsals of the right foot, the clavicle, the left fibia, the right tibia, and the right hand ring finger. I’ve witnessed fellow cyclist: lose their place of residency, spend their last dime on a clif bar, dress in drag for sponsorships, overcome breast cancer, get on the wagon, and even train without a bike. Yet, through perseverance and discipline, we keep coming back – 575 miles, 1, 500 cyclists, 7 days, San Francisco to Los Angeles. And yes, Elvis “really is” in the building (smile).

AIDSLifeCycle is co-produced by the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center and is designed to advance their shared interests to end the pandemic and human suffering caused by AIDS

AIDSLifeCycle Sponsorship letters will go out within the next month. And within the next week, you’ll be able to sponsor online Or if you wish to save paper – write out a check to “AIDSLifeCycle” and put it in the mail. (I’ll fill out the paperwork). Email for my address.

I encourage you to assist me in reaching my $2,500 minimum to participate. And, why not assist the San Francisco AIDS Foundation? . .

Established in 1982, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation is one of the oldest and largest community-based AIDS service organizations in the United States. The mission of the agency is to end the pandemic and the human suffering caused by HIV. The AIDS Foundation works to achieve that goal by providing direct services to thousands of people living with or at risk for HIV/AIDS, supplying information about HIV treatment and related issues, promoting HIV prevention and awareness in the community, and advocating for sound HIV/AIDS policies at all levels of government.

Iyengar Yoga Classes with Tony Eason


It doesn’t matter what you’ve been through . . ..
It doesn’t matter what your age, creed, sexual orientation, economic status, or location is ..
It only matters what “you do.”

So see what you can do – “Today!”

Wishing the best of all possible worlds,
10th Yr, AIDSLifeCycle Cyclist #5535
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