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 Yoga Student Reviews“I had the pleasure of taking a yoga class with Tony the other evening. His classes are on a donation basis, so you’re not pressured or sucked in to sign on for a bunch of classes. This isn’t that kind of place.If you are a yoga novice and just want to check it out and see if you’d like doing yoga on a more regular basis, Tony is a great teacher. He is funny, compassionate, and believes in pushing people but only to the point of what they can do (don’t compare yourself to others, be happy with what you can do).

If you have been doing yoga for a while, Tony’s classes build up to more complicated positions during each session.

When I came in earlier this week, there were a couple total beginners that had never taken a class before, some intermediate or occasional yogis, and a few people that have done some form of yoga for many years.

There are only a couple rules in this studio, such as asking questions whenever you feel like asking, answering yes or no questions with yes or no (not some mumbling or sound like uh huh because that could be misinterpreted and one false move and you could snap your neck kind of thing), and if you feel like chatting with your neighbor, you must do so loudly enough that everyone in the class can hear (whispering is often felt as negative even if it’s not, but secrets secrets are no fun, so laugh, sing, and be loud if you feel like it).” – Christy M.

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