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“I have done Yoga off and on for almost 15 years. I got out of it after injuring my shoulder doing Bikram Yoga and got back in when I kept having nagging cycling injuries. After 35 you better do Yoga, or something like it because I know you’re like me and the aches and pains start.

I found Tony because he does a lot with cycling and Yoga and he really knows his stuff. He’s trained in Iyengar yoga (which I have always thought is one of the best styles of Hatha Yoga). Its much more about form and doing the postures right than running you through the same series of postures in a set amount of time.

Tony is awesome. He really knows his stuff and his yoga classes are difficult and challenging but also fun and not too formal. I think Tony is a true yogi, someone who is into the real spiritual quest of life without being religious or a phony baloney wanna be Hindu.

I highly recommend his classes.” – Chitvan R.

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