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“Last year, a friend of mine (who’s a long-time yoga student) was bugging me to get off my ass and join a yoga class. You see, I had made the mistake of expressing a desire to do so,  and she had latched on to that.

One day, as we were walking by my apartment, we saw a poster offering donation-based yoga on Saturday mornings. This place is literally a few doors down from me. So now I had no excuse to not try it out. Like a cornered pup, I tucked my tail between the legs and promised her that I would go to the class the coming Saturday.

Now, I have never done yoga in my life. But a couple of years ago, I had lower back pain and went to physical therapy. The PT suggested some stretches, and as soon as the back pain disappeared, so did my exercise regimen.

Coming back to Tony. I went to his yoga class, and was blown away by the accessibility of the teaching. Here I was, with no yoga experience, and I felt perfectly at ease being with people who had been practitioners for a decade! It’s a testament to Tony’s yoga teaching style that all levels of students feel at home. He pays attention to those who need it. He describes each pose clearly before asking us to attempt it, and demonstrates the pose; and, more importantly, he also shows us the typical mistakes novices make in that pose. He is a very hands-on yoga teacher, which is great for people like me.

So now it’s been nearly a year, and I’ve been going to his class on Saturday. I feel great. My practice has improved; and my body feels so much better. And the best part is: those stretches that the PT asked me to do? These yoga poses include those, and then some!

I highly recommend Tony. He’s a wonderful, wonderful teacher.” – AJ.


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