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Tony Eason has been a student of Yoga for twenty years. As a road cyclist, Tony came to yoga for the benefits of stretching.

For five years he studied under Yoga Teacher Mary Friedland. Tony continued to develop his personal hatha yoga practice & teaching skills under the guidance of Iyengar Yoga Teachers: Kathy Alef, Ben Thomas, Jaki Nett, and Nora Burnett.

Tony Eason apprenticed under Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Janet MacLeod. He is a graduate of the Two-year Advanced Teacher Training Program of the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco.

Through Hatha yoga classes, he teaches students to pay attention to the alignment of their bodies; to become aware of the breath; and to control the mind.

Presently, Tony teaches yoga classes and yoga intensives at Active Sports Club, and Crunch Fitness San Francisco.

Tony Eason was voted: Bay Guardian "Best of The Bay" Yoga Instructor 2014
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Tony Eason:
Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco | 2 yr. Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum:

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