Trump T-shirts | The Emperor’s New Clothes

‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ was published in 1837. At this point in time, science was gaining popularity as a method to explaining the world, but there were still many who relied on superstitions and old wives’ tales. The moral can be better understood in this context, because if everyone in the story had simply relied upon empirical data, then they wouldn’t have been made a fool. This is a moral that can be applied in many different situations, both historically and in modern times. Read More

“Fabrications have long been a part of American politics,” wrote Sheryl Gay Stolberg in The New York Times in 2017, as several presidents in the previous 50 years have lied. However, Stolberg states that “Former President Trump, appears to have taken what the writer Hannah Arendt once called ‘the conflict between truth and politics’ to an entirely new level … Trump is trafficking in hyperbole, distortion and fabrication on practically a daily basis.”[25]

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