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Nike Women’s Marathon

On 01 August 2012, I decided to step out of my normal routine.  

After 15 bike rides from San Francisco to Los Angeles with the AIDSLifecycle Event, I created a new challenge.  I committed to participating in the San Francisco Marathon 2012.  And being that running is a whole different ball game from cycling, I have reached out to friends & experienced / seasoned marathon runners for guidance and inside tips of the trade. 

Recently, after a yoga class, I spoke with Nike Marathon Runner, Desiree Thayer.  And as we sipped our coffee, Desiree provided me with the insider running tips &  handed me the bible of marathons,  “Lore of Running” by Tim Noakes, MD.  

Also, Desiree informed me of her latest athletic endeavor ……., In memory of her mom, Elvie A. Thayer, and in support of  Oxfam, Desiree Thayer will running her 1st Full Marathon, the Nike Woman’s Marathon on Wolrd Food Day, October 16 2011″

“It’s appalling that tonight 1 out of 7 people in the world will go to bed hungry — that’s almost 1 billion people! That’s why I’ve decided to raise money for Oxfam America as I run the Nike Women’s Marathon (26.2 miles is about 41000 steps, over 20000 hungry people per step!) – Desiree Thayer

 Desiree Thayer 

Desiree, a research scientist, spends her days studying the effects of seizures on protein processing in neurons at UCSF,  Yet when not handling Erlenmeyer flasks, Desiree can be found in a yoga class at James Howell Studio, swimming at Bakar Fitness & Recreation Center, or running the streets of San Francisco.  

Desiree  experienced her first official run at the Can-Amera Games (a competition between her hometown of Thomas Township in Saginaw, Michigan and Galt, Ontario, Canada). At the age of 25 (2004), she experienced her first 5k road race on Thanksgiving day, in San Diego. Since then,  she’s completed several 5k runs, Run Wild 10kRocket Run 5miBay to BreakersKaiser Permanente Half Marathon twice, and the Detroit Half Marathon.

While attending graduate school, Desiree went to the United Kingdom to present research at a scientific conference in Scotland.  Yet before taking the train to Scotland, while wandering around Oxford, Desiree and Elvie A. Thayer (her mother) noticed the Oxfam store.  And since that time, Desiree has been volunteering with the local Action Corps.  

Oxfam Action Corps does outreach to inform, inspire, and mobilize public support for policies to create solution to hunger, poverty, and social injustice.  


So during your Sunday dinner on World Food Day, have a conversation about where your food comes from and how we can change the food system so everyone has enough to eat.

And if you’re feeling compelled to assist in relieving the suffering of others, help Desiree stomp out hunger one step at a time by sponsoring her in the Nike Women’s Marathon

Desiree, what tips do you have for marathon newbies?

My tips for marathon newbies are take it slow and listen to your body – you’ll be amazed at how your distances and speed will increase as your body adapts.  What’s most important is to stick to it and gradually challenge yourself.  You’ll see improvement and achieve new milestones if you are dedicated to your running.  One way to stay dedicated is to remember why you started running in the first place.


On October 16th, 2011, Nike will celebrate the eighth year of the Nike Women’s Marathon! We invite you to join 20,000 women as we race together through the streets of San Francisco to raise funds and awareness for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Every detail of the Nike Women’s Marathon has been planned with a woman in mind. Who could resist:

_Official finisher necklace designed by Tiffany & Co.
_100% recycled Nike Dri-FIT finisher T-shirt in women’s sizes (unique for both full and half participants)
_Lavish three-day interactive Expotique in Union Square
_Breathtaking course views from the start in Union Square to the finish along the Pacific Ocean
_Extraordinary on-course support and entertainment
_Post-race celebration at the finish line including food, music and more

Nike Women’s Marathon RACE DATE
Sunday, October 16th, 2011

Location: Union Square, San Francisco
Time: 7:00AM

Location: The Great Highway (at Lincoln)
Closes: 1:30PM

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Nike Women’s Marathon

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