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Bay Guardian | Best of the Bay Yoga Teacher

During my childhood my mother always said, “if you want something, then ask for it!”  Therefore, I’m asking you to VOTE ME IN as “Best of the Bay, Yoga Instructor.”

Question: So what makes me so damn special?

Answer: Nothing makes me special.  All of us are unique and special individuals.  However, someone is gonna win this title, so YNOT ME?.

AIDS/Lifecycle | “Seva”- Selfless Service

You see, in my youth,  I was a cocaine addict and “party animal.”  Yet in 1994, a light bulb turned on in my head.   So, I bought a bike.

I decided to use physical activity as a way to regain my focus and make some life changes while simultaneously being “of service” to my immediate community.

Soon later, I participated in a 545 mile, 7 day bike journey from San Francisco to Los Angeles in the fight against the AIDS Pandemic. Presently, I have completed seventeen, 545 mile bike journeys. [personally raising well over $70,000.00 in support of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation].


Donation Yoga – San Francisco

Over 20 years ago, I first heard the word “yoga.”  And the rumors I was hearing said, ” it’s another cult.”  My community of friend’s claimed that Yogis and Yoginis were “spiritual pimps.”  So, I refrained from attending yoga classes.

And then one day, a friend said “let’s go to a yoga class my treat! And afterward,  I’ll take you out for lunch.” So, since it was a free yoga class,  I went to the class.

From that one experience, I grew to understand the benefits of Hatha Yoga. And for the next 4 years [5 days a week], I studied under Iyengar Yoga Institute Graduate, Yoga Teacher, Mary Friedland.  After which, I studied under the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco Faculty Members [Jaki Nett, Nora Burnett, Kathy Alef, Ben Thomas, Patricia Layton, Madira Hines, and Tommie Jean Thomas].

In 2002, after apprenticing with Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Janet MacLeod, I graduated from the 2yr Advanced Teacher Training Program of the IYISF.

And then, I pondered over:

Question: “How can I share the gift of yoga with others?”

Answer: “Make it accessible to each and every individual regardless of physical disposition, race, sexual orientation, social status or economic status.

And voila!

I began to to teach donation yoga classes. I allowed individuals to “pay what they can afford”.  I encouraged individuals to “do what they can do and be happy with what they can do.” And after 13 years of teaching, I still offer yoga classes by donation.

Free Yoga – Sports Basement


In November 2008, as I was looking at the “Grotto” (community space) of Sports Basement San Francisco, another light bulb went on.   And, I began to ponder over the idea of using Sports Basement as a way to serve the yoga community.

So to get the ball rolling, I began to teach free yoga classes each Sunday at Sports Basement.  A month later, I organized the first yoga teacher schedule; began the internet promotions; and then watched the yoga students arrive.

Since that time, the seed has blossomed.  And, Sports Basement has applied my initial concept of  “free yoga” to all store locations.

 A Yoga Teacher Teaches by Example

You see; Yoga is about controlling the cessations of the mind.  The continuous practice of yoga removes the veil of ignorance. Which in turn, allows one to witness their actions, thoughts and words.  And after seeing one’s true actions, one is presented with the opportunity to make personal life changes …..
You see; the practice of Yoga teaches one to nurture, support and empower one’s immediate community.

You see; the practice of yoga teaches one “to teach by example.”


“City Living” Best of the Bay Yoga Instructor




So assist your Yoga Teacher, your friend, a stranger slam dunk this election [smile]. Ynot?

“City Living Best Yoga Instructor” …ynot?
1. Go to the following link:

2. Click the link “City Living.”
3. Scroll down to “Yoga Instructor”
4. Vote “TONY EASON” in!
5. Press continue.
6. Voila
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The San Francisco Bay Guardian, an alternative-news weekly that has been recognized as a progressive source for news and arts and culture for nearly half a century, will cease publication effective today.

The final edition of the San Francisco Bay Guardian is hitting the streets today featuring the Best of the Bay.

And guess what?

“Best of the Bay Yoga Instructor 2014” IS Tony Eason!

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