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Chrome Bags

At 7:00pm., 23 October 2010, I arrived at Chrome Bags San Francisco to attend “a poster party for bike people” sponsored by ArtCrank.” And after purchasing a beer, I wandered around to check out the featured various poster art from local San Francisco artist.

And as I wiggled through the crowded store, I spoke briefly with American Cyclery‘s Owners, Kimo & Scott. And after planting my ass on the lovely red leather coach, I glanced at the coffee table. On the coffee table lay the 1st Edition of “Wrenched” (brought to you by Chrome). Flipping through the magazine, I read the biographies of a realm of the cycling community I had yet to encounter .. . . ..

“A skateboarder who rides a fixed gear bike that also has the patience to sit through endless bails to capture epic moments of skateboard and bicycle triumphs. All the while keeping cool head and an eye on the prize. Whether it be crackin’ brews or hitting the pavement” John Cardiel

“He has helped to get broken mopeds out of the garage and onto the streets, an effort that has resulted in a new moped craze. he was in large part responsible for creating the Moped Army, a national organization of mopeds gangs across the country. – David Pils

“Born out of the bike messenger culture of San Francisco, Dustin Klein fonded the cycling brand, Cadence, in 2003. Since that year, Klein has been helping propel the cycling community forward through unique creative visions and an unwavering commitment to cycling in all its forms.” – Earl Learner

“Being one of the most famed pros at Real Skateboards, and a full time resident in S.F., Keith decided to open his own shop appropriately named HUF. Rather than a traditional skateshop, HUF was one of the original boutiques representing skate, street and sneaker culture. ” – Alex Corporan

“Kent Uyehara is the man behind the now world famous store and brand. He is a San Francisco native, curator, a politician and a proud business owner. He is also the man responsible for Solo Snowboards which was a game – changer in snowboarding in the early 90’s and Western Edition Skateboards, along with artist Ian Johnson, which still thrives today. Kent instills a sense of “Family” to his business and anyone who makes his acquaintance undoubtedly feels that.”Graham James

“Can elegance wear a baseball cap? Can grace have sweat dripping from it’s brow? Can beauty drink you under the table? If your name is Sarah Murder, then the answer is undoubtedly yes. With a Cycle Messenger World Championship under her belt, her cell ringing with calls from her clients at Cupid Courier Collective, and now the keys to her own store called Puhbike in her pocket, Sarah has proven beyond a doubt that she is the epitome of messengerdom. That is, she gets stuff done. Period. There is no single person that is more prepresentative of bike messenger culture in San Francisco than Ms. Sarah Murder.” Mike Rabdau, Godspeed Courier

2 beers later, I departed from the Chrome Store. And as I walked toward the San Francisco Mission District, I contemplated the reason I was smiling. And I concluded, NO, it’s not because of the great beer. Yet because, I found great comfort standing amongst individuals who are actually “DOING SOMETHING.”

And as I continued to my favorite taqueria, I was reminded of the importance of “doing things with passion.” And then again, I smiled.