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Oceanside High School Reunion – Day #2

At 7:30am, as my eyelids rose, I disembarked from the couch. And, as I looked around the house, I noticed the reminiscence of a “good time with friends.”
1. An empty bottle of Marker’s Mark
2. An empty six pack of Fat Tire Beer
(Immediately, I was reminded, “I’m not in the San Francisco Mission District anymore.”
Instead, I was recovering from my 30th Yr. High School Reunion in Oceanside, California).

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Smelling the morning PEET’s coffee, I quickly moved to the kitchen. Soon later , our high school trio was again reunited in the kitchen. And as we sat over the kitchen table (surviving Day #1), we discussed the plans for Day #2 of the “Oceanside High School Reunion 3 Day Weekend.”
After breakfast, we started our road trip with a tour of the city of Oceanside. And then, I asked Ralph, the Oceanside resident, the following question:
Question: Where do we go out in Oceanside, California?
Answer: San Diego
Acknowledging Ralph’s reply, I whipped out my LG Fathom & texted my San Diego Based Informant. And as I received text transmissions, I relayed the “hot spot” information to Chuck. In turn, Chuck ran an IPOD Google Search for the exact locations & route plan. And then, Chuck relayed the coordinates to Ralph. Ralph then proceed to drive towards the suggested San Diego “Hot Spot” Location.
  • I assumed the role of “the communications officer.”
  • Chuck assumed the role of “the navigation officer.”
  • Ralph assumed the role of “the transportation officer.”
Consistent with our 38 yr. old tradition, our trio relationship worked “like a charm.”

Urban Mo’s Bar & Grill

308 University Avenu
San Diego, CA 92103


At approximately 12 noon, we arrived in the heart of Hillcrest to a “hetero- friendly” restaurant, Urban Mo’s. Walking past a bacon buffet, dimly lit indoor seating, and a large outdoor patio area (including webcams), we arrived to the outdoor bar. And as we glanced around at the drinks of others, we concluded that the best drink in the house must be “margaritas.”
While sipping up our margaritas, I became unhappy with standing & being tightly interwined amongst the array of flipflops & Bermuda shorts. And so, I found a seat. Yet within minutes, I was informed, “seating is reserved for those who order food.” So not being that impressed with the San Diego version of Cafe Flores, I glanced at Ralph & Chuck and said, ‘NEXT?

4th Step – The Hole

The Hole

2820 Lytton St
San Diego, CA 92110


Being a #1 fan of San Francisco’s “Hole in the Wall Saloon,” I was very curious to visit our next destination. Upon arrival, I noticed the hodge pod exterior architecture & I immediately fell in love with the place.

Unlike the Urban Mo’s crowd, The Hole was filled with people from all walks of life – gays, lesbians, heterosexuals, people of color, tall, fat, fit, balding, “twinks,” and more. .. . . No fancy dress code. And no pretentious “Will & Grace” crowd here. . .. . And to top it off, (on Sunday’s) they will serve you a mini pitcher of any beer and/or well drink for $4.00.

Shall I say anything more?

The Hole is now my favorite hangout in San Diego (smile).

Iyengar Yoga Classes with Tony Eason

(Check back for Day #3 of the Oceanside High School Reunion 3 Day Weekend )

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