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If you have pedaled a bike down Valencia Street or have cycled the bike route known as the”Wiggle”; you’ve  witnessed the increased popularity of biking in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Outrageous gas prices, the increase of obesity amongst Americans, improved cycling infrastructure and the hard work of the San Francisco Bike Coalition have brought more individuals to riding the bicycle.

Fortunately,  San Francisco is full of bike routes, bicycle shops, guided bike tours, and services to assist every level of cycling – from the weekend warrior to “the next Lance Armstrong.”

Check it out:

Bike Route

  • The SF Bike Map & Walking Guide (.PDF download below) shows you everything you need to know to find your way around San Francisco on bike. This map indicates the grade of streets so you can avoid the steepest hills. Plus, the Bike Map shows you where the bike shops are and what type of bikeway is on each street.
  • Become a SFBC Member & Receive a Free Bike Map

Bike Guide

  • “We’re delivering some spoke-n word on the best bicycle must-hits (broken down by S.F. neighborhood). If you’re looking for a cool new route or a spot to rest your hard head, this is it. After one glance at this great cheat sheet, you’ll be itching to hop on that sleek machine and fly around town. Let’s ride!” –

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