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Best Buy

Since the age of 16, I have worked in customer service related industries. And with each job, I was reminded of the importance of a customer having a “great experience” and being happy with the product & the results.

And with the present state of the U.S. Economy, you would think that local San Francisco businesses would go way beyond the call of duty to promote customer satisfaction & a returning clientele base. Yet, check this out:

On 09 Sept. 2009, I returned my Hewlett Packard Dv6000 Special Edition Laptop to Best Buy, 1717 Harrison Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 to have the faulty power adapter replaced.

After approaching the “Geek Squad” custom service desk, I was asked to present my computer. The geek squad representative assessed my computer & then began to fill out the appropriate paperwork.

After filling out the appropriate paper work, the Geek Squad representative asked me:

Question: “Have you had the opportunity to back up your hard drive?”
Answer: “I responded, “no.”

The Geek Squad representative then informed me that he could not insure that my data would not be lost during my computer’s repair. And therefore, he offered to back up my hard drive data for $100.00. Being that time was an issue, I paid the $100.00. He then told me, “It will be 1- 2 weeks to repair your computer.”

  • 1. My computer was under a 2 year extended warranty that I purchased when I purchased the computer from Best Buy. Therefore, I believe that all repair costs should be waived for two years.
  • 2. A standard computer tech procedure is “to back up work on an external hard drive before tinkering with a client’s computer.” Therefore, a hard drive back up should be part of the computer tech services. Not an additional cost to the client. (Especially if I’m bringing back a manufacture defective computer which is under warranty).
  • 3. $100.00 for 10 minutes of work (transferring hard disk data from a laptop computer to an external hard drive) comes to $10.00 per minute. If I was aware of this additional cost, I would have purchased an external hard drive and done it myself. (External hard drives at Best Buy range from approximately $100.00 – $150.00).
  • On 12 September 2009, I received the following email from Best Buy’s Geek Squad:

    This email is being sent to either thank you for recently bringing your product into a Geek Squad® Precinct or to notify you of a service order number change. Your product is in good hands and will be serviced as soon as possible.

    Your computer is awaiting shipment.

    On 16 September 2009, I received the following email from Best Buy’s Geek Squad:


    ”Your product is in the hands of Geek Squad®, getting the care and attention it needs. We are working diligently to complete the job as quickly as possible – no action on your part is necessary. We’ll contact you as soon as the product is complete and ready for pickup. We’re on it. Things will be better soon.

    Your computer is awaiting shipment.

    On 02 October 2009, I received the following email from Best Buy’s Geek Squad:

    “You are receiving this communication because you have entrusted Geek Squad® and Best Buy® to repair a product some time after September 8th.

    We recently completed an upgrade to our internal system that processes parts orders and shipping/receiving. Unfortunately, this has created a temporary slowdown in our ability to move products through our service network. The impact to you as a client is a potential delay in the repair of your product and/or in the communication of the status of your repair.

    Our teams are working diligently to process your repair and return your product to you in a reasonable time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    We want to assure you that we deeply value our relationship with you and are committed to providing the best possible service experience.

    Thank you for your understanding and trusting in Geek Squad for your technology needs.

    Your computer is awaiting parts.

    On 06 October 2009, I telephoned Best Buy to check on the status of my computer.

    The Geek Squad representative informed me that my computer is awaiting shipment back to their store location and “could” be there in another week. However, he could give me no concrete information.

    So for one 1 month, I had no computer to run my website business & found myself going from friend’s house to friend’s house to access the internet.

    Had I previously read all the yelp reviews & complaints about Best Buys’ Customer Service, I would have definitely taken my business somewhere else.


    Best Buy Co. Inc

    Attention: Customer Relations
    Best Buy Corporate Office
    (612) 291-1000

  • 1. I phoned the Customer Care number (888) 237-8289 only to be put on hold & listen to automated messages.
  • Better Business Bureau of North Dakota & Minnesota
    2706 Gannon Road
    Saint Paul, MN 55116-2600
    651 699-1111
    Attention: Customer Relations Representative

  • 2. I phoned the Better Business Bureau of North Dakota & Minnesota only to receive the following email:
  • Thank you for your letter about your dispute with Best Buy Stores, LP – US Headquarters. Unfortunately, we will not be able to process it for you. The BBB does not process complaints when *ANY* one of the following reasons apply:
    • 1) More than 3 years old,
    • 2) Complaint concerns Individuals
    • 3) BBB Does not mediate attorney-client disputes,
    • 4) Issue is the collection of a debt owed,
    • 5) Complainant is seeking compensation/damages,
    • 6) concerns of care by a medical professional,
    • 7) Employment dispute,
    • 8) Alleges harassment/discrimination,
    • 9) Concerns pricing/policy issues,
    • 10) Customer is seeking an apology,
    • 11) Concerns a Do Not Call violation
    • 12) Complaint filed by Third party or complainant is not seeking a resolution. The BBB can not accept anonymous complaints. The BBB does not dispute contractual agreements.

    A copy of your letter has been sent to Best Buy Stores, LP – US Headquarters and will remain in our files. We are not able to pursue your complaint, but if a response is sent, we will forward it to you. We hope this information is helpful and you will continue to use BBB services which are provided at no cost to you by the Accredited Businesses of the BBB of Minnesota and North Dakota.

  • On 09 October 2009, I was returned my computer.

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