An AIDS LIfeCycle Expo – 2007

For the past 4 years, I have been presented with the wonderful opportunity of offering “yoga for cyclist” at the AIDS Life Cycle Expo. Today, I spoke of hamstrings, quads, scapulas, ankles, knees, wrists, lower back pain, “Ben Armstrong,” and then some .. . .

The AIDS LifeCycle Expo – 2007 brought many familiar faces, fellow co-workers, new “upcoming” rock stars, and cyclist of all levels.

Today, as I walked through the San Francisco Hall of Flowers, I was proud to see the presence of my latest employer, Sports Basement.

Sports Basement - AIDS LifeCycle Expo - 2007

Lucky, most of my gear is donated via generous AIDS LifeCycle sponsorships from Soulcraft Bikes & Fat Tire Beer. However, if I’m gonna spend money on bike gear, my first stop will be Sports Basement“. Sports Basement is a supporter in the fight against AIDS pandemic with it’s generous sponsorships to AIDS Life Cycle Cyclist. It offers various sports clinics ranging from yoga to cycling to rock climbing to camping …. Sports Basement hires “San Francisco Locals” (including myself). And sports basment offers a quality product at an affordable price. And to top it off – the people that work there “love what they are doing.” Sports Basement …..you guys ROCK!

After shooting the shit with the boys of Sports Basement, 3rd Year AIDS LifeCycle Cyclist, Shivie Cook and I ran into our personal bike tech – American Cyclery Legend – Tyson Mitchell

Shive (center) - Tyson (right) American Cyclery Bike Tech (left) - 2007

Each year (days before the AIDS LifeCycle Event,) Tyson has transformed my bike from it’s annual Chevy status and each year he hands me back a “BMW.”

Bike Tech. Tyson will:
a.) not rip you off.
b.) fix what needs to be replace.
c.) sell you the bike that suits your needs.
d.) give you his personal & professional opinion
e.) stand behind his work

American Cyclery has a variety of Specialty road bikes (Colnago, Soulcraft, Waterford, Cinneli, etc). Also, they carry a variety of Mountain, Touring, and Cruising Bikes.

And to top it off …American Cycery offers promos and discounts to participants of various charity fundraising biking events (ex: AIDS LifeCycle).

So whether you need:
a.) a BMW but ride a Chevy
b.) a proper bike fitting
c.) a custom bike built
d.) or a bike for the kid

Visit American Cyclery and tell Tyson: “Tony sent you.”

Volunteers - AIDS LifeCycle Expo - 2007

And, as I gave yoga instruction to fellow participants, crew members, and volunteers – I was “again” truly amazed. It was wonderful to see all of these individuals in “the same pot.” All these individuals with amazing stories. All these people gathering for the single purpose of improving “humanity.” It’s Truly amazing.

And before I left the building, I spoke with my volunteer yoga assistant,

Volunteer- AIDS LifeCycle Expo - 2007 - Johnathan

Name: Johnathan

Education: Lowell Hight School, S.F. CA.
Height: 5′ 3″
Weight: 110 lbs.
Age: 16
Birth Place/Origin: Origin: San Francisco, CA.
Occupation: Student
Present Location /Where do you live? San Francisco, CA 94112
Favorite Book: “The Giver”

Is this the first time you have volunteered for the AIDS LifeCycle Event? And, how did you get involved with this AIDS LifeCycle Expo?

– Yes, this is my first time volunteering for the AIDS LifeCycle Event. I am volunteering for a club from my school. And, I’m glad that I came today. I am assisting Tony at the yoga table with his yoga classes and helping answer people’s questions.

As you look around the AIDS LifeCycle Expo – what do you see?

– As I look around the Expo, I see a lot of great workers and volunteers who are reaching out to educate / inform the community.

TO BE CONTINUED – Check back to see what others of the AIDS LifeCycle Community have to say.

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Wising the best of all possible worlds,

Yoga teacher, tony eason

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