AIDS Story | Mike’s Bikes

AIDS/Lifecycle Sponsor |Mike’s Bikes of Sausalito

Name: Jeff

Education: University of Colorado, Boulder
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 175lbs.
Age: 22
Occupation: Sales Manager,
Present Location/Where do you live? I live in San Francisco (94121)
Favorite Book: It’s a tie. White Noise by Don DeLillo and Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey

As a observer, sponsor, and supporter of the AIDS/Lifecycle Experience, if you were a participant – what three items would you “pack first” in your luggage?

If I were participating in the ALC event the first three items I would pack would be my journal, a good book, and my most comfortable cycling shorts. I would feel naked without the first two, and would actually be naked without the third

And what comfortable bike shorts would you suggest that AIDS/Lifecycle Cyclist wear during their journey?

The Pearl Izumi Microsensor Bike Shorts located on the wooden rack in the front of our store.