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AIDSLifeCycle – Santa Cruz to King City – Day #2

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AIDSLifeCycle Day #2

At 4:30am, CAT 2 Cyclist, Kyle Rich & I rose from our night’s sleep and prepared to cycle from Santa Cruz to King City (a 107 mile journey). While deflating the air mattress & packing up the tent, I was confronted by “FEAR.’

[2 years ago, on Day #2, I missed a direction arrow and rode 15 miles off course … ending up in Monterey (going west instead of east to King City). And later in the day, 5 miles before the finish line at King City, I was confronted with a 15 mph side wind combined with a side draft from “a Big Rig” . . “I lost control of my Soulcraft Bike Frame … . I ate it.” (Tony became reunited with road rash).]

But knowing that “FEAR” is an intricate part of what I refer to as “the little man in your head,” I focused on the breath (removing the thoughts from my head) and prepared for my second day’s journey.

At 6:30am, Kyle, David, Bruce, Ramon, Aesha, Jess and I arrived at the AIDSLifeCycle starting line. As we departed, I noticed a route change – AIDSLifeCycle had removed the 1 mile stretch of broken, unpaved road from the the route – YIPPEE ( no lower back pain).

As with tradition, in order to break away from the “peloton” of pink boas, wonder woman outfits, and assorted decorated bikes, I pressed the “turbo button” and cycled right past by Pitstop #1. Arriving at the lunch stop, I ate a couple “Pro Bars,” downed two bottles of water, sucked down a Hammer Gel, ingested lunch and proceeded with my journey.

Soon after leaving the lunch stop, I received a text message from my trainee, Jess.

[On 01 January 2009, Jess attended my Annual AIDSLifeCycle Kickoff Party and informed me that she wanted me to be her trainer and over the next 6 months – “kick her ass into shape.” – I accepted the invitation (smile).]

Jess informs me that she’s at the lunch stop (mile 45 of 107) and has never felt more “haggard. ” I realize that her text message was “a cry for help.” So, I sent out a few text messages instructing friends to send her words of encouragement & for Ashley (her girlfriend) to call her and give her some long distance support.

Soon later, another AIDSLifeCycle Tradition, I arrive at the “Cookie Lady.” Making thousands of cookies for the 2,000 cyclist & 400 crew members, there you could find a variety of cookies for your palate – chocolate chip, oatmeal, raisin, vegan, etc. I ate 3 cookies and moved on to the finish line.

[Rumor has it that she used to be an AIDSLifeCycle Roadie and decided to make cookies instead.]

A few hours after being in camp, I was hand delivered my “first ever” AIDSLifeCycle Safety Citation (with a note stating, “You should know better, Tony”):

Rider #5790
Mile 92.7
Infraction: “Riding two or more abreast”

At first, I was a bit confused / angry about whether or not it was a true infraction. Yet, then the phone rang – JESS HAD MADE HER WAY TO CAMP!

And a wonderful second day it was ……

Check back for the recap of the next 5 days of AIDSLifeCycle 2009

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