AIDSLifecycle Kick Off

Who would have ever thought that an adventure that started off as merely “something to tell the grand children” would bring me onto such a positive & life changing path?

From Chardonnay to cocaine to Shimano to Campagnolo.
From Bianchi to Salsa to Soulcraft.
From 1 mile to 127 miles to 575 miles to 6325 miles to well over 32, 725 miles by bike.
From Start to Finish to Mike’s Bikes to Sport Basement & American Cyclery.
From 24hr Fitness to Gold’s Gym to Club One.
From my first yoga class with Mary Friedland, to a 2yr. Advanced Teacher Training Program at the Iyengar Yoga Institute to becoming a yoga teacher and implementing Free Yoga Sunday’s at Sports Basement.

Question: “Who would have ever thought that I would become an athlete?”
Answer: “Not me.”

Over the last 15 years, my friends have supported my endeavors to create my “best life, my family has met me at each & every finish line, Suzanne Africa Engo has proved that I’m not the only crazy one, and I have learned that I can assist in relieving the suffering of others while simultaneously empowering myself. And for these experiences and empowerments – I am very thankful.

Following my annual tradition, on 01 January at 10:00am, I invited friends, yoga students, strangers, and fellow cyclist to join me in celebrating my positive life changes at my “12th Annual AIDSLifecycle Kickoff – Bike Ride .”

At 10:00am, Fried Chicken & Waffles were served. At 12:30pm, 25 cyclist (and about 14 hang overs) headed for the Marin Headlands Loop. Returning back to the San Francisco Mission District, we celebrated with New Belgium Beer’s (and then some).

So as the new year comes upon us – remember, it does not matter:

1. Where you came from …
2. What obstacles are in your way ….
3. What others may think of you …
4. Why that would never work ……
5. Or starting tomorrow …….

It’s about doing!
Change can only come “from you.”
And if I can change my ways – so can you …..

Wishing the best of all possible worlds,

Iyengar Yoga Classes with Tony Eason

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