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AIDS Marathon & Sports Basement

San Francisco Marathon - Tom #2738

AIDS Marathon & Sports Basement – San Francisco:
At 7:30am. the alarm clock rang – I hit the “snooze.”
At 7:45am., I ran to the laundry mat to finish the drying of my Sports Basement T-shirt.
At 8:15am. I revisited the laundry mat. I retrieved my “wet” Sports Basement T shirt, threw it in my bag – and proceeded as planned.

At 8:45am (15 minutes late), I approached Sports Basement – “16th & Deharo.” And as I pulled into the parking lot – I was greeted by screams of excitement, pickle bucket drums, cheering, applause, and cow bells. It was my fellow employees of Sports Basement.

Sports Basement Employees

And amongst the employees was Sports Basement Partner – Eric Prosnitz.

Sports Basement Partner - Eric Proz

“Eric Prosnitz is the partner credited with the seed concept. He added a Harvard MBA to a Stanford degree in economics, then went to work for Boston’s famed consulting firm, Bain & Co. Prosnitz, a runner, swimmer, snowboarder and soccer player, wondered if that Maxx/Ross recipe might function equally well with outdoor gear.” – SF

Sports Basement Partner - Eric Prosnitz

Each week, Sports Basement becomes a meeting place for sports clubs, charity organizations and outdoorsy folks from all over the Bay Area. So if you bump into a tri-athlete balancing bowls of pasta salad while looking for your next swimsuit, don’t worry, she’s probably just meeting some friends for a potluck somewhere in the store. And that cyclist riding through the camping department is likely just in a hurry to catch the speaker in the back of the warehouse. It’s Thursday night, after all.” – Sports Basement

San Francisco AIDS Marathon - Andrew, Runner #3756

And as we rang our cow bells, yelled out our favorite expressions, and banged our pickle drums, I remembered the importance of supporting things in which you believe (if it causes no harm) . . . ..

So shortly later, I jogged several blocks (repeatedly) with various AIDS Marathon Participants because I knew – “the best way to teach – is by example.”

“The National AIDS Marathon Training Program is geared to both beginners and experienced runners. The full marathon program starts with three miles of running and walking, and then gradually increases in distance. The half marathon program starts with just one mile. Whether you have never run a step, or you are a seasoned marathoner who wants to improve your personal best, this program will help you succeed. It’s a great way to get fit, have fun, and make a tremendous difference in the lives of people living with AIDS.” – National AIDS Marathon

A wonderful day it was .. .
Wishing the best of all possible worlds,

Iyengar Yoga Teacher,
11th Yr. California AIDS Ride / AIDS LifeCycle Cyclist,

An Invitation to Oprah Winfrey & Harpo Productions

Iyengar Yoga Classes with Tony Eason

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