AIDS LifeCycle – A Photo Journal

Sometimes we want to help others, but we are so overwhelmed by all that needs to
be done in this world that we don’t know where to start.

We hope
that tomorrow or next week, when everything calms down, we will be able to become the actively compassionate human beings we know we can be.

We put
off goodness like we put off going on a diet.

Yet some individuals actually
believe that world history is a reflection of the actions, thoughts and words of Human Beings.


Here’s to the
friends, family, teachers, crew, sponsors, and fellow cyclist – the machinery


2 thoughts on “AIDS LifeCycle – A Photo Journal”

  1. Dahling

    You are so beautifully dedicated it is always an inspiration to get my ass into gear when I see all the new and fabulous things on your site…love the photos…love you more…

    Has anyone seen Oprah btw…
    One love

  2. give me black coffee piss vinegar and a slap on the whear in a cloud of smokiesmoke.

    i realised bitch, that The Man in Black is the bodhisatavva. He wears suffering with a vision of redemption….TerrorJoy wears the hat of the wheel spinning into his head. word.

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