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ALBANY, New York - At the New York State Association of Black, Puerto Rican and Hispanic Caucus, New York's Senators Hilliary Clinton takes a seat on the Goree Challenge

A Voyage of Hope – The Goree Challenge

In March 2006, Victor Mooney will begin his Solo trans – Atlantic Row from “The Door of No Return” (Goree Island, Senegal) to The Brooklyn Bridge, New York to encourage Abstinence, AIDS Education and Prevention in a 24′ oceanrowboat. Mooney looks also to raise money for AIDS Charities. All funds raised over the estimated budget for Goree Challenge [$200,000] will benefit HIV/AIDS service organizations locally and worldwide.
Mooney will also pay homage to all Africans that died during the Middle Passage and those that surived and lived on Plantations in the Americas and Carribbean.

VATICAN CITY, Rome - On World AIDS Day 2004, His Holiness, Pope John Paul II blesses Victor Mooney, for his up-coming a solo trans - Atlantic Row for AIDS. American Archbishop, James Harvey, also echoes Victors prayers.

With an emphasis for youth – at risk, using satellite communication and computer on-line services such as the World Wide Web, Mooney will have the ability to link between the vessel, educators and students, which will not only provide inspiration and an engaging, interactive educational experience, but will also illustrate a strong sense of practical application for the students with respect to their lessons.

NEW YORK CITY, New York - Rev. Jesse Jackson and Victor stand in solidarity for fighting the discrimination and stigma associated with AIDS at the 2005 Rainbow/ PUSH Wall Street Project.

In four consecutive years, Victor Mooney (41), has battled the seas around Long Island and Manhattan. His cause came from after loosing loved-ones and a desire to continue the work of the late New York City Cardinal John O’Connor, who helped those with the terminal disease. Awareness, not fund-raising dollars, is Mooney’s goal.

“HIV/AIDS is 100% preventable, says Victor Mooney.”

HARLEM, New York - The first rapper to perform on Goree Island, Dougie Fresh,

Victor Mooney is a communications officer for ASA: The College for Excellence, located in Brooklyn, New York. Mooney also serves as the founder and executive director of South African Arts International.

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See what you can do for the fight against AIDS. And thank you Victor!

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